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Aluminium Windows


We are specialists in aluminium.

We manufacture your aluminium windows in our factory in Poole, and our expert team fit them.

We stand out from our competitors because we make your Aluminium Windows from raw materials, and to your exact specifications. With that in mind not only can we offer you a unique product which fits your home perfectly, but our prices are competitive!

Why choose Aluminium?

  • It is extremely durable, more hard wearing than other materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Is attractive and modern in style, it is a design feature in itself!
  • Its environmentally friendly

We provide windows for residential and commercial properties.

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We provide Standard and Eco options.


Our standard 60mm windows are thermally efficient polyamide insulated aluminium windows that offer outstanding weather performance and low U-values. Profiles are extruded separately then rolled together with a 2mm polyamide strip offering a dual colour option.


Our windows have been designed and priced to appeal to the demands of todays market. Curve and feature accentuate the slim aluminium profiles, maximising glazed area with the capacity to glaze units up to 40mm.

The eco option has a dual colour option: the internal and external faces of the profiles can be polyester powder coated or anodised in a multitude of colours and finishes.

Thermal efficiency concerns are alleviated with our Eco Windows, achieving a Grade ‘A’ Window Energy Rating (WER). It also has a shoot bolt option, which conforms to PAS24:2012.


Side, bottom and top hung, horizontal and vertical pivot, tilt and turn, tow-swing reversible and vertical and horizontal sliding windows.

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